We have had many pieces from Jim and Marie, and all of them have been amazing!! Great craftsmanship and quality. We have bought a few pre-made pieces, and we have commissioned a few custom projects. Communication and planning was easy, as well as turn around time was very quick. I recommend their woodworking to family and friends every chance we get. 

Kelsey & Thane

 If you're looing for high quality wood craftmanship, JM Woodworks are the people to turn to. For small projects around the house, who no one else can make these days, they design, craft and complete your project the way you want to see it done. Once you hire them for your project, you will want to recommend them to all your family and friends. I have number of different items that Jim and Marie have made for me over the year, they are top quality and exactly as I ordered. 

Greg Stoicoiu

 I can personally vouch for the quality of JM-woodowrks. Not only do I have several cutting boards form here, they also built an incredible custom engagement ring box for when I proposed. If you are looking for a top-notch wood working, look no futher. 

Devin DeFraine

 I finally met with an agent to assess my chess set which was presented in the rustic walnut cabinet you designed and built for the unique specifications of my marble, gold and silver chess pieces. The 50-year-old chess set, which I designed and produced in Ireland while studying for my PhD, made a strong impression. The walnut cabinet, with two back-to-back drawers to hold the white and black pieces in green flock-lined compartments, with the marble chess board inset in the cover, is stunning. Your design fit everything together in perfect harmony. The cabinet is not only beautiful, but highly functional, as a playing surface, storage unit, and protection for moving the set to any location. And the prompt turnaround from the time of my order, to meet the schedule for my meeting, was a very impressive and much appreciated achievement. Thank you both for a fine piece of woodworking craftsmanship. 

Dr. Patrick F. Walsh, Professor Emeritus
St. Mary’s University, Calgary, AB

 I can personally attest to the high quality and thoughtful design work process that is so typical of the woodwork pieces made by JM Wagner. It has never mattered what type of project that I needed done (big or small). Jim & Marie have always been open to my ideas and have worked closely with me to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. You just don’t find this type of quality product custom service very often these days. I have found that their pricing is very fair also. My JM Wagner purchases throughout the years have included:  Cutting boards, some custom sizes  Wine rack with counter surface  Treasure boxes  Herb ladder for my outdoor potted herbs  Custom shelf riser to accommodate cookbooks in a confined space etc. I really like visiting their showroom. I am always amazed at how versatile they are because they can make pretty well anything that you need. You can always 100% depend on their quick, prompt and very friendly service. Thank you, you guys are truly amazing. 

Jacki McCallum